Improving The Facade Of Your Luxury Holiday Home: Easy Tips To Save Time And Improve Kerb Appeal

Luxury Holiday Home
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The appeal of holiday homes has soared over the past decade, particularly during the pandemic when overseas travel was challenging and dangerous. As such, many individuals decided to rent out their personal holiday homes or add to their property portfolio, with holiday home ownership rising more than 50% in the last decade.

However, in recent years, many second homeowners have faced a changing market. Issues such as rising property taxes and backlash on charges from potential tenants, as well as increased competition, mean that the holiday rental market in the UK is now highly competitive.

To make sure that you get the most from your holiday home, marketing it towards the luxury market is a must. Luxury holiday homes require a higher standard of decoration and cleaning, and more amenities to attract discerning holidaymakers, but they can bring in solid profits if managed correctly.

One essential for any luxury holiday home is kerb appeal. From the initial photos of the exterior to their first glimpse of the property, your second home’s facade is its first impression, and it needs to be a good one.

Giving your holiday home a stunning exterior is easier than you might think. Here are some simple tips to transform your luxury holiday home’s facade and keep it looking stunning with minimal effort.

Choose The Right Paint Colour

A fresh coat of paint can brighten up almost anything, including the outside of your short-term rental property. If your home has a smoothly textured facade, then you can choose a paint colour to brighten it up and enhance the look of your home without much effort.

Choosing a neutral colour can help you appeal to more tenants, but if you want your property to stand out, consider a pop of colour with a pastel shade or a primary colour.

Remove Bird Droppings Promptly

Like the inside of your house, your home’s facade needs to be cleaned regularly. Some exterior cleaning, such as washing windows or wiping down doors, you can do yourself, but other aspects might require a professional.

For example, bird droppings carry bacteria and diseases that can be incredibly harmful to humans, so you need to hire a team that uses the right protective gear. Also, bird droppings can be highly corrosive, so you need to make sure you get rid of them as soon as possible. Hire bird dropping removal services to ensure that your holiday let is always pristine.

Upgrade To Luxury Door Furniture

Even the outside of your property has a form of furniture, but not the sort you might imagine! ‘Door furniture’ is a term used for the items on your front door, such as the letterbox and door knocker.

These functional items also need to be aesthetically appealing, so if you have old and tired door furniture, a simple upgrade could make a huge difference. Consider choosing gold for a lustrous finish, and explore antique options or modern styles to find the right door furniture for your luxury holiday home.

Plant Colourful Flowers

Flowers can be a simple and fun way to jazz up the approach to your second home, but you need to take the time to find the right ones. Some flowering plants are high maintenance, and this can be difficult for owners of holiday homes who aren’t there all the time to tend to them.

Unless you hire a gardener, you might find that your flowers die or become unsightly, which can hinder rather than help your property’s kerb appeal. So, look into low-maintenance, colourful flowering shrubs to plant outside the front of your holiday home. You’ll then be able to give it a stunning look without too much effort.

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