The Best Petrol Lawnmower With Roller

Petrol Lawnmower With Roller
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Imagine stepping out into your garden and being greeted by lush, green grass meticulously patterned with elegant stripes.

This classic and timeless look isn’t just for golf courses or sports fields; you can achieve it in your own backyard.

The key lies in using a petrol lawnmower with a roller, a device that not only trims the grass but also presses it in alternating directions, creating those stunning stripes.

The Advantages of Using a Petrol Lawnmower with Roller

  • Impeccable Aesthetics: The primary advantage of using a petrol lawnmower with a roller is the impeccable aesthetic appeal it brings to your lawn. The contrasting light and dark shades created by the bent grass not only look stunning but also give the illusion of a larger and more vibrant lawn.
  • Efficient Cutting: These lawnmowers are equipped with powerful petrol engines that ensure efficient and even cutting, even on larger lawns.
  • Versatile Terrain Handling: Unlike some electric mowers, petrol lawnmowers with rollers handle various terrains with ease, making them ideal for gardens with slopes or uneven surfaces.

How to Choose the Right Petrol Lawnmower with Roller

Selecting the right lawnmower is crucial for achieving the best results. Here’s what to consider:

  • Lawn Size: For larger lawns, opt for a self-propelled model to reduce effort and cover more ground efficiently.
  • Cutting Width: A wider cutting width is preferable for bigger lawns, while a narrower width suits smaller, intricate spaces.
  • Roller Type: There are two types of rollers – rear rollers create classic stripes, while front rollers offer enhanced maneuverability around flowerbeds and edges.

The best Petrol Lawnmower with Roller

Cobra Petrol Lawnmower with Rear Roller

The Cobra RM46SPB lawnmower, a remarkable choice from the renowned brand Cobra, brings together power and precision for a superior lawn care experience.

Its 500 Series petrol engine guarantees optimal torque and efficiency with reduced emissions, making it ideal for lawns up to 600 square meters.

With an adjustable cutting height lever situated conveniently next to the full-width rear roller, achieving a perfectly manicured lawn becomes effortless.

Enjoy a traditional striped finish, as the rear roller supports precise mowing even along borders. the generous 55-litre fabric grass bag ensures efficient clippings collection. 

  Key Features  

  • Powerful 500 Series engine
  • Adjustable cutting heights
  • Striped lawn with full-width rear roller
  • Effortless self-propulsion
  • Large 55-litre grass bag
  • Ideal for lawns up to 600sqm
  • 2 Year Domestic Warranty
Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Variable-Speed Rear-Roller Lawnmower 375A

Utilizing advanced aerospace technology, the Hayter Harrier 41 Pro Roller-Mower offers superior cut & collect performance across diverse environments.

The Briggs & Stratton 625E-Series engine, a 190cc four-stroke motor, delivers reduced noise, vibration, and emissions.

The variable-speed Autodrive system adapts to terrain and grass-length, supported by heavy-duty wheels and a robust cast-aluminium deck.

The reinforced polymer roller produces a smart striped effect without turf marks, and Vari-Pitch technology manages long grass effectively. 

  Key Features  

  • Professional-grade cut & collect performance
  • Reduced noise and emissions
  • Variable-speed Autodrive for versatile usage
  • Rust-resistant cast-aluminium deck
  • Smart striped effect with reinforced roller
  • Effective management of long grass
  • Minimized strimmer-work along edges
Honda HRH536QX Professional Rear Roller Rotary Mower 53cm

 The Honda HRH536QX Professional Roller Rotary Lawn Mower is a powerful and efficient petrol-powered tool designed for substantial garden care.

Its features include an aluminium cutting deck measuring 53cm, a blade brake clutch for enhanced safety, and a rear roller for creating those classic striped lawn patterns.

With an 83L grassbag capacity and cutting height adjustment from 14mm to 52mm, this mower offers versatility and convenience.

Equipped with a 163cc OHV 4-Stroke Engine and a single-speed transmission, it efficiently handles large areas with a weight of 59kg. Suitable for extensive gardens like two tennis courts.

  Key Features  

  • 53cm Aluminium Cutting Deck
  • Blade Brake Clutch for Safety
  • Rear Roller for Classic Patterns
  • Large 83L Grassbag Capacity
  • Adjustable Cutting Height: 14-52mm
  • Powerful 163cc 4-Stroke Engine
  • Ideal for Extensive Gardens

Are Petrol Lawnmowers Noisy?

When it comes to the acoustic performance of petrol lawnmowers, it’s essential to consider their noise levels.

Petrol lawnmowers can indeed be a bit noisier compared to their electric counterparts. This noise factor often raises questions among homeowners who are concerned about maintaining a peaceful and serene environment.

The noise produced by a petrol lawnmower is primarily a result of the combustion engine. These engines generate power through controlled explosions of fuel and air, which can create a certain level of sound.

However, it’s important to note that advancements in technology have led to quieter petrol lawnmowers compared to their earlier versions.

Modern petrol lawnmowers are designed with noise reduction features to minimize their impact on the surrounding environment.

Mufflers and sound-absorbing materials are commonly integrated into these mowers to dampen the noise produced during operation. As a result, the noise emitted by contemporary petrol lawnmowers is significantly lower than that of their older counterparts.

Mowing Techniques for Perfect Stripes

Creating those stunning stripes on your lawn requires a bit of technique and finesse. Here’s how to mow for that perfect striped effect:

  • Start with a Straight Edge: To ensure your stripes run parallel to the edges of your lawn, begin by mowing a straight perimeter around the entire area. This serves as a visual guide for the rest of your mowing.

  • Alternate Mowing Direction: The magic of the stripes lies in the grass blades being bent in different directions.

For the first mow, choose a direction that’s perpendicular to your house or any prominent landscape feature.

On the next mow, change your direction to the opposite side. This alternating pattern will result in the light-reflecting effect that gives your lawn those signature stripes.

  • Overlap Slightly: When mowing in parallel rows, make sure each new row slightly overlaps the previous one. This helps to avoid leaving uncut strips in between rows and ensures a consistent cut throughout the lawn.

  • Use Visual Aids: If precision is your goal, you can use visual aids like string lines or small flags to mark your mowing paths. This can be especially helpful for maintaining straight lines and avoiding wobbly patterns.

  • Take Your Time: Achieving perfect stripes requires patience and attention to detail. Slow down your mowing speed to allow the roller to press the grass blades effectively, resulting in more defined stripes.

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Don’t be disheartened if your first attempt doesn’t yield flawless stripes. Like any skill, creating immaculate stripes takes practice. Over time, you’ll get a better feel for the technique and refine your striping game.


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