Why Ottoman Beds Are the Latest Home Decor Must-Have

Ottoman Beds

In recent years, the popularity of multipurpose furniture has increased as living spaces become smaller. Compared to 40 years ago, homes in the UK are now 20% smaller. As a result, people are looking for innovative ways to make the most of their limited space.

The Ottoman bed is a stylish and comfortable option offering ample storage space, making it one of the most creative alternatives available today.

The ottoman beds are growing in popularity because of their versatility and potential to save space. They are an excellent choice for every bedroom and any size bed because of their many advantages.

What exactly is an ottoman bed, what appeals to people so much about it, and how functional is it in real life? We will address all of them in this blog.

Ottoman Beds In UK – A Quick Overview

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds in UK are becoming increasingly popular, seamlessly combining style and practicality in homes or apartments with limited storage space. These beds feature a hydraulic gas-lift foundation that allows you to raise the mattress and reveal ample storage space underneath.

Since an ottoman bed offers more storage space than a regular bed, it is an excellent way to keep your bedroom tidy without compromising access to your belongings.

Sometimes, certain items just won’t fit in a chest of drawers or a dresser; we can all relate to this. Therefore, an ottoman bed is a great choice to store your larger and heavier items under the bed.

What Are The Benefits of Ottoman Beds

Ottoman Beds

Your living area should be designed to maximise space and offer usefulness. Considering this, the ottoman bed is the best option. These beds are unique because they provide extra storage space under the mattress.

Their ability to offer helpful storage without occupying extra floor space makes them perfect for apartments with limited square footage.

The best ottoman bed is multipurpose, serving multiple purposes in different areas such as bedrooms, guest rooms, and hotel rooms. They come in various styles to suit your taste and complement your existing furnishings.

That being said, there are other compelling reasons to consider an ottoman bed, which are as follows: 

  • Extra Storage

An ottoman bed is an excellent solution to optimise your bed’s space while providing additional storage. You can use it to store items you won’t need to access frequently, such as winter jackets during summer or extra bedding for guests.

This type of bed allows you to keep your bedroom tidy and organised while providing a comfortable place to sleep.

  • Easy Lifting Mechanism

You can easily access the storage beneath an ottoman bed using its gas lift mechanism. These beds are designed in a way that allows you to reach your items conveniently. Once you’re done, you can easily lower the bed frame back down to its original position.

This makes it an ideal solution for those short on storage space or simply wanting to keep their bedroom clutter-free.

  • Maximise Floor Area

Ottoman beds in UK offer luxury and practicality for compact spaces without compromising on quality. However, storing your belongings under your bed means you’ll need fewer other types of storage in your bedroom, freeing up some of your floor space. You can eliminate additional clutter by putting it neatly away in an ottoman bed.

The extra advantage of these bed frame models is a hidden seam, which makes it impossible to detect if a bed is an ottoman after it’s fully made up. Rather than just throwing extra shoes behind an uncovered bed frame, this is a far more organised method to add storage to your bedroom.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Ottoman beds are aesthetically pleasing in addition to being practical. You can get beds in various styles and materials, from plush velvet to chenille fabric, to find one that complements your current furnishings or stands out in your bedroom. 

  • Enhanced Comfort

Convenience is an overlooked benefit of ottoman beds. The sturdy construction of the bed can provide better support, which may lead to improved sleep quality. Additionally, the strong base construction ensures long-term durability, which means you can enjoy the benefits of the bed for an extended period.

  • Easy Maintenance

Compared to other types of beds, ottoman beds have a significant advantage. They don’t have any ventilation under the bed, a common source of allergies and dust mites. As a result, these beds make it easier to clean and vacuum around the bed, which, in turn, helps to create a healthier home environment.

  • Versatility 

Last but not least, ottoman beds in UK are multipurpose. They are available in various sizes to accommodate various room dimensions, from single to king-size. They have built-in storage compartments for extra space to keep books, electronics, and other necessities in an organised way.


Ottoman storage beds offer more than just a comfortable place to sleep. Their hidden storage compartments allow you to make the most of your space, organise your belongings, and keep your bedroom tidy.

Additionally, cheap ottoman beds are highly versatile, practical, and stylish, making them great for anyone who wants storage options without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics. 

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