Are trampolines good for exercise?

Are trampolines good for exercise
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A kids’ trampoline is a staple piece of outdoor equipment for most families with back gardens to play in, often enjoyed by young children and teens.

There are many ways to use garden trampolines – whether it’s bouncing and jumping just for fun, social interaction, skill development, or stress relief. Basic trampolining is a great form of physical activity, which can help people of all ages to stay fit while building their strength up and releasing tension.

While the primary purpose of a children’s trampoline is playful entertainment, they can be overlooked as a useful tool for staying active in a safe environment – so here’s what you should know about the fitness benefits of trampolines for exercise!

Cardiovascular health

Jumping around on a trampoline mat elevates your heart rate, which increases your oxygen intake and helps to improve your circulation.

This strengthens the cardiovascular system, which in turn increases endurance, lowers blood pressure, and reduces your resting heart rate.

Full-body engagement

Trampolining engages a broad range of muscle groups throughout the whole body – strengthening the legs, core, back, and arms as a full-body workout.

The rhythmic bouncing of a trampoline workout can also help to stimulate the lymphatic system, reducing fluid retention and improving the immune system.

Low-impact exercise

Trampolining means you can still experience the cardiovascular benefits of aerobic exercise, without putting strain on the ankles, knees, and hips.

Many aerobic exercises can exert a lot of stress on the joints, but the trampoline mat absorbs most of the impact, reducing the risk of joint pain or injury.

Minimised injury risk

Most physical activities come with some level of risk for physical injury, but as long as the trampoline is set up and used properly, the risk is minimal.

Choosing a high-quality trampoline, constructing it in a safe location, and following manufacturer guidelines for use should reduce the risk of sprains or falls.

Co-ordination and balance

Bouncing on a trampoline requires the ability to control your body movements to jump around without falling, stay in the centre, and remain stable.

Regular practice on a trampoline can help to improve balance and coordination, which is especially useful for children still developing their motor skills.

Mood-boosting stress relief

The physical benefits of trampoline exercise include the release of endorphins in the brain, resulting in a mood boost and a reduction in stress.

Even just playing around bouncing on a trampoline can help to reduce anxiety and make people feel happier, relieving the stresses of everyday life.

Weight management

While general fitness and overall wellbeing is more important than losing weight, regular exercise on a trampoline can help with maintaining a healthy weight.

It’s best to do something more focused on enjoyment, like trampolining, that can help kids and adults alike to do enough physical activity through the week.

Should you buy a trampoline for fitness?

Jumping on a trampoline provides a unique combination of an exciting recreational activity and simultaneous health benefits, which is easy to fit into most lifestyles as a sustainable form of everyday exercise.

Having a children’s trampoline for your family to use whenever they want to get some simple exercise or have some mood-lifting fun – whether it’s all afternoon or five minutes here and there – can be a big asset for your household.

Choose a sturdy trampoline from a reputable brand, and as long as anyone who uses the trampoline doesn’t exceed the height and weight limit, you can all have a great time staying fit with low-impact exercise!

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