Avoid surprises when moving with these tips

moving tips

We all know that packing up your life and setting up shop somewhere new can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. Whether it’s your first big move or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s always that nagging feeling that you might forget something important.

Consider this your go-to guide for sidestepping those common pitfalls and making your move to a luxury place is as smooth as it can be.

Get a quote for your home removal

The first tip that we would like to give you to avoid surprises when moving is to get removal quotes. Some people blindly hire a removal company without asking what the price is.

This is a bad idea, as there are many different companies out there who also charge different prices. Furthermore, it is often possible to negotiate with a company. This will save you some money in the long run, which you can for example use to get more luxurious furniture.

Use a timeline

Let’s talk about timelines. They’re pretty much a secret weapon when it comes to moving. Creating a detailed timeline helps put everything into perspective and allows you to pace yourself – no need to do that last-minute frantic packing the night before the big move.

Sit down with a calendar and chart out key dates. Having this road map not only keeps you on track but also seriously lowers the odds of encountering unwelcome surprises.

Take unexpected delays into account

Life has a way of throwing curveballs when you least expect it, and moving day is no exception. So, when you’re penciling in your strategy on that timeline, do yourself a favor and add a little buffer zone for the unexpected. What you can do is smart planning.

A great example is to have a plan B for some muscle help if you’re relying on friends to help load up the moving van and they’re unpredictably punctual. Having a plan for when things go sideways can really ease the mind.

Clean up before packing

Before you go all-in on the packing, do a bit of decluttering and cleaning. Start by weeding out things you haven’t used in a while. Doing this serves a double purpose: you don’t end up hauling things you don’t need, andit makes unpacking a breeze. Keep only what brings you joy—or at least what you’ll use more than once in a blue moon.

Find clear labels for your moving boxes

Finally, find clear labels for the moving boxes you are going to be packing. Get specific with labeling to save future you from losing time and gaining frustration. Label those boxes with the precision of a heart surgeon. It’s also super helpful for your movers or anyone helping you. This could even save you money!

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