9 Cleaning Equipment Every Household Must Have!

Cleaning Equipment
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In 2022, the US household cleaning market was valued at 47.57 billion USD and is projected to reach 76.39 billion USD by 2032.

With the growing market, figuring out which cleaning products your home needs can be difficult!

So, to ensure you don’t waste your hard-earned money on the wrong things, here’s a list of must-haves other than regular brooms, dustpans, and mops.

  1. Microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth is known to pick up dust, dirt, food, soap scum, and other particles more efficiently and faster than simple rags.

You can clean various surfaces with it, like appliances like refrigerators and microwaves, kitchen counters, sinks, bathtubs, and so on, without scratching them.

This is due to its tiny fibers, a.k .a. eponymous microfiber, and static electricity. Thus, you don’t have to rub a surface several times to clean it.

  1. Telescoping duster

This duster has a long handle that lets you clean the minute and hard-to-reach areas like window casing, baseboard, and cabinet top. You won’t have to climb on ladders or hunch.

If you don’t have a telescoping duster or yours aren’t reliable, you can also make your own. Tie a dry or damp microfiber cloth over your broom rush, and voila!

  1. Squeegees

This household cleaning tool is much like your car’s windshield. These are essential for any glass surface, like windows, shower doors, tabletops, etc. It prevents forming ugly water spots and soap scum.

You can also dry tile surfaces with this, which prevents mold and mildew formation.

  1. Dedicated sponges

Several types of sponges in the market help you clean specific areas of your home. Invest in these different types:

Non-abrasive scrubbing sponges help clean scratch-prone surfaces. These are best for stainless steel and plastic.

Microfiber sponges are useful for scrubbing cast-iron utensils, scrubbing baked-on food, and cleaning stoves.

Some sponges can be soft or abrasive based on water temperatures.

  1. Steam cleaner

If a baby at home or a family member is sensitive to chemicals, you can’t use strong chemical-based cleaners in the common spaces or their bedroom. Otherwise, it may even lead to serious allergic or breathing issues.

In such situations, a steam cleaner is plenty of help. You can disinfect the bathroom and kitchen surfaces, floor and ceiling, your baby’s toys, countertops, ovens, and even the most precious upholstery!

  1. Dishtowel

Dish towels help dry and polish your dinnerware. You can also polish and clean kitchen counters and stovetops. They’re great for wiping spills or for draining hand-washed dishes. Clean this towel daily to avoid bacteria buildup.

  1. Vacuum cleaner

Whether to clean your floors or remove dust, pollen, and pet fur from furniture and bedding – a vacuum cleaner is a must-have. It also lets you clean your car interior and the pine needles and sap from holiday décor.

Ensure you have the right attachments; it’ll become an all-purpose cleaner.

  1. Mild cleaning solutions­

Strong store-bought cleaners may do more harm if you want to clean small, sensitive objects. So, here are a few homemade options:

  • White vinegar

If you want to remove dirt, dissolve grease, or disinfect mildly between deep-clean sessions, white vinegar greatly helps. You can rub it on the object with a microfiber cloth for faster results.

  • Baking soda

This eliminates unpleasant odors from your refrigerator, oven, carpet, or car. If it’s a single spot, rub the dry soda on it. If it’s a huge surface and enclosed object like a fridge, oven, or car, keep a dish of soda inside.

  1. Potent cleaning solutions

Water or mild cleaners won’t help if you want to deep clean. You need some of these chemicals to ensure top-notch cleaning!

  • Glass cleaner

Formulated to clean any glass surface like windows, tables, TV screens, and more, these leave no smears or scratches on them.

  • Wood cleaner

Focused on cleaning any kind of wood, these are must-haves for wooden furniture. They don’t ruin the wood or varnish during the cleaning.

  • All-purpose cleaner

These are effective for cleaning stubborn dirt, grease, and stains. They come in handy in cleaning painted walls, floors, countertops, kitchen surfaces, appliances, and bathrooms. However, don’t use them on wood.

  • Bleach tile cleaner

If you want a more potent solution to clean the soap scum, rust, mold, and mildew off your kitchen or bathroom, this is perfect. Remember to open the windows to protect yourself from the fumes.

  • Toilet bowl cleaner and brush

Another must-have for any house is to get a shiny toilet every time. Opt for the clinging type instead of the ones that trickle to the water immediately. This reduces chemical wastage, and you’ll get your money’s worth.

With the toilet cleaning brush, scrub well, and you’re done!


So, get these basic life-savers and keep your home spic and span. Let your cleaning regime be enjoyable, much less stressful, and quick!

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