Dealing With Rodents In Your Home? How To Get Rid Of Them Quickly To Limit Damage

Rodents In Your Home
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Making your home a safe and welcoming place is a fun and exciting endeavour. Unfortunately, setbacks like accidents and budget restraints can slow things down.

One major issue that can make your property feel less like home and cause major damage to its structure is a rodent infestation. Rodents, particularly rats, mice and squirrels, like to nest in property roofs and use cavity walls to navigate your home.

As such, they can quickly make your house their home and destroy your beautiful space in the process. Rodents have teeth that grow continuously, so they have to chew regularly and will use your house’s beams, walls, and furniture to keep their teeth at a responsible size.

This damage can be expensive to fix, as most standard home insurance policies don’t cover rodent removal or fixing damage caused by rats or mice. As such, getting rid of rodents quickly is key. Keep reading for simple tips to help you eradicate rodents before they wreck your lovely home.

Find Local Pest Control Experts

While DIY pest control products can seem like a cost-effective solution, the quickest and easiest way to get rid of the rodents is to call the professionals. Look for local pest control companies that have a good track record of removing rodents fast.

For example, if you’re in Newcastle, Invicta Environmental offer fast and guaranteed rodent removal, so you don’t have to deal with furry interlopers in your home for long.

Identify And Seal Access Points

Once your pest controller has removed the rodents from your property, you need to make sure they can’t come back. Most pest control companies will offer pest proofing, but major repairs will fall to you.

Mice and rats can fit through incredibly small spaces, and they are highly territorial, so even if their usual entry point is now inaccessible, they will try and get in through another area.

To combat this and keep them out of your home, inspect inside and outside your home thoroughly for openings they could be using and seal them up with steel wool, caulk, concrete, metal kick plates, etc. Pay special attention to areas around pipes and roofs, as these are common ingress points for rodents.

Improve Your Food Storage To Cut Off Food Supplies

To stop rodents and other pests, like insects, from coming back, make sure you find ways to store your food so that it’s secure and difficult for them to access.

Rodents forage for food constantly, and while they can gnaw through materials, they gravitate to food that’s stored in the open air or an easily accessible container.

As such, you need to make sure all human food is in sealed metal or glass containers, which are harder for them to access. Other tactics include cleaning up any crumbs or spills immediately, picking up fallen fruit from trees outside and choosing rodent-proof bird feeders.


Rat and rodent infestations are common in the UK, particularly after Christmas when reduced bin removal means waste piles up. Quick, decisive action is needed when you spot the first signs of rodents.

Being proactive is key to getting them under control before major damage occurs. Using this approach and working with the right pest control experts, you can get rid of rodents and keep your home fresh and comfortable with minimal fuss.

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