Moving Checklist for Downsizing

Moving Checklist for Downsizing

There are numerous factors that may prompt someone to downsize their living space. But regardless of the reason, it should always be seen as a chance to declutter and rid our homes of unnecessary items. In the process, we may stumble upon forgotten treasures that bring back cherished memories.

Ultimately, making decisions on what to keep and what to let go of can be daunting, so Attic Self Storage provides a checklist to help ease any stress or anxiety during the downsizing process.

1. Measuring the New Space

To ensure a smooth downsizing move, the first step is to measure all the rooms and storage areas in the new home. This will determine if current furniture can fit or if there is a need to purchase new pieces.

It will also help decide which belongings to bring along, allowing for efficient packing and organisation. It is important to take these measurements early on to avoid any surprises on moving day.

2. Getting rid of Duplicates

This is the easiest part of downsizing. As years go by, we often end up buying duplicates whenever we can’t find small items that we need rapidly. This is true about tools (Hammer, screwdrivers, nails,…) and kitchen utensils and accessories, including pots and pans as well as bottle openers. It’s time to throw away any duplicates you may have.

3. Sorting through Belongings One Room at a Time

Sorting through belongings will be the most challenging task of downsizing, which is why it’s best to tackle it immediately. To proceed in an organised manner, we need to focus on one room at a time and divide items into four categories: Keep, revisit later, donate or sell, and discard.

We can place all donation and sale items in one room for future processing and dispose of discarded objects properly by setting them in the appropriate recycling bin. Then, it is time to begin packing items we plan to keep and group boxes together as we move from room to room.

For uncertain pieces, it is better to wait until we’ve completed the entire house before reassessing them. Let’s not throw away sentimental items just because of limited space. It is better to consider self-storage units as a temporary solution on moving day to avoid any regrets in the future.

4. Digitalising Documents and Photographs

Files and documents tend to pile up over time. Some need to be kept in physical form, while others can be digitised. Now is the perfect opportunity to sort through our belongings and scan any unnecessary items for disposal. If we possess boxes of photographs, it may be a good idea to digitise those as well.

5. Maximising Storage Spaces before entering the New Home

Prior to settling into our new home, it’s worth considering how best to optimise the storage options available. Utilising vertical space through the addition of shelves and wardrobes can greatly increase storage capacity.

Investing in multi-functional furniture is also a wise choice for storing personal items. We shouldn’t be afraid to also make good use of wall space by installing hooks or acquiring wall-mounted furniture, such as a foldable table for added convenience.

With these tips, it is possible to make our move to a smaller home stress-free by following this handy five-point checklist. If we remember to clearly label boxes with their intended room and contents, and set aside any items we may need right away upon arrival in your new space, it should all go as planned and we can start enjoying our downsized home in no time!

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