What’s The Quiet Luxury Decor Trend?

Quiet luxury in home decor is like its fashion sister – it emphasises understatement and refined taste over ostentatious display. Some celebrities do it really well – like your Hailey Biebers or Kate Moss-type celebrities.

Below, we’ll tell you more about the quiet luxury decor trend in the home and what it means.

The Essence of Quiet Luxury

Have you heard about quiet luxury? It became a trend (sort of) in 2023, but it isn’t until now that people are actually taking notice. Quiet luxury is about creating interiors that exude sophistication and comfort but without loud statement pieces. There can still be bold patterns and colours, but nothing too in your face. And sometimes, bold can be too in your face.

Instead, the quiet luxury trend focuses on craftsmanship, materials, and subtle details. This trend leans heavily on natural materials, soft colour palettes (or sometimes bold), and streamlined designs that speak volumes in their simplicity and attention to detail.

Patterned Materials

Patterned materials will be a big trend in 2024 and an integral part of the quiet luxury trend. Some people will tell you the quiet luxury trend is old luxury, and old luxury is patterned. And it’s easy to put patterns into your home; they’re becoming more on-trend.

And, patterned materials, when used in a good way, can infuse a space with layers of visual interest and texture and some sophistication – that’s also on trend for 2024. You can achieve it easily with patterned lampshades, art, wallpaper (yes, that’s making a return), or pillows. Look for anything with patterns that aren’t too in your face.

Remember, you’re trying to mix maximalism with quiet luxury. You can’t lose the quiet luxury vibe with too many bold colours.

Balancing Act

You need to balance between quiet luxury and maximalism – the two trends merge into one. Maximalism celebrates bold colours, rich textures, and eclectic collections, but quiet luxury finds restraint and coherence. Why maximalism? Subtle tones are out, so you’ll need to find a way to balance the two when you might usually go for something more subtle.

A well-designed space will marry rich, expressive elements of maximalism with the serene and thoughtful aspects of quiet luxury.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Just because we’re talking about quiet luxury, it doesn’t mean the craftsmanship and materials suffer in any way. High-quality materials and craftsmanship still define quiet luxury. We’re thinking of high-quality fabrics, artisanal pieces, and natural materials that are still the feature of this style.

These materials bring authenticity and timelessness to interiors. They ensure spaces are beautiful and almost personal. You can tell the difference between a stock item and a high-quality item.

The quiet luxury trend is one we can get on board with. It just looks so good. It’s not a hit-you-in-the-face luxury that can look a bit tacky unless you can afford the hit you in the face luxury and you live in a mansion.

We just love the richness of simplicity. It’s something you don’t always get in luxury decor. So, what do you think about the trend?

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