6 Best Dehumidifiers For A Large Room UK

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best dehumidifier for large room uk
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Are you tired of dealing with excess humidity in your large living room? The right dehumidifier can make all the difference.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best dehumidifiers for a large room, ensuring you can make an informed decision to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Factors to Consider when choosing the best dehumidifier for a large room

Capacity (Pints per Day)

Evaluate the dehumidifier’s capacity, measured in pints per day (PPD). For a large room, a higher capacity is essential to effectively remove moisture.

Coverage Area

Confirm that the dehumidifier is suitable for the size of your room. Manufacturers typically specify the maximum square footage that their units can effectively dehumidify.

Humidity Control

Look for a dehumidifier with adjustable humidity settings. This allows you to customize the level of humidity in the room based on your comfort and health preferences.

Continuous Drainage Option

A large room may require continuous operation, so having the option for continuous drainage is beneficial. This feature allows you to connect the dehumidifier to a drainage system, eliminating the need to empty the water tank manually.

Best Dehumidifiers for a Large Room

1. Pro Breeze 12L/Day Dehumidifier for large rooms

The Pro Breeze 12L/Day Dehumidifier is designed for large rooms plagued by persistent damp issues. With a focus on energy efficiency, it utilises an ultra-efficient compressor, a 24-hour timer, and an auto shut-off system, resulting in low running costs of as little as 7p per hour.

Employing advanced quiet compressor technology, this dehumidifier operates without disturbance, making it suitable for various spaces like kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, conservatories, and garages.

Extracting up to 12 litres of water per day, it features a 1.8L tank with auto shut-off and a drainage hose for continuous operation. The unit’s automatic humidity sensor, digital display, and versatile timer settings enhance its usability, providing an effective solution for damp, mould, and condensation issues.

Key Advantages

  • Efficient 12L daily moisture extraction for large room coverage.
  • Ultra-quiet compressor technology ensures peaceful operation in any space.
  • Energy-saving design with low running costs.
  • Auto shut-off and 1.8L tank for hassle-free moisture removal.
  • Continuous drainage option for extended, hands-free dehumidification.

  • User-friendly LED digital display for easy controls and settings adjustment.
  • Versatile timer options, including 24-hour scheduling for customized operation.

2. Avalla 16L/Day dehumidifier for a large room

The Avalla X-150 Dehumidifier offers a commendable solution for home drying, efficiently removing up to 16 litres of moisture daily.

This model prioritises safety in clothes drying, providing a gentler alternative to tumble dryers, preserving delicate fabrics like wool and silk. With an impressive 93% energy efficiency compared to tumble dryers, it saves both money and time.

Beyond clothes care, it safeguards against harmful bacteria, mould, and damp, covering an expansive 46m² area. The X-150 boasts an eco-friendly design, operating quietly at 48dB, using environmentally safe R290 gas, and comes with a 2-year warranty and dedicated customer support.

Key Advantages

  • 46m² Entire Home Coverage for comprehensive moisture removal.
  • Low Power Consumption with 0.24kW/h Aero-Dynamic technology.
  • Digital Humidity Display for precise moisture level monitoring.
  • Continuous Drainage option for hassle-free operation.
  • 16L/Day Moisture Removal for effective damp control.
  • Smart Touch Controls with target humidity settings.

3. ARIBIO 30L/Day Dehumidifier For A Large Room

This 30L/day dehumidifier offers powerful performance, covering up to 4500 sq. ft, making it suitable for large spaces like homes, offices, basements, and highly humid areas.

With a 4L water tank and drainage hose option, it provides effortless water drainage, allowing for long-time continuous dehumidification. The digital display with customized modes, fan speeds, and a 24-hour timer ensures easy control and optimal humidity levels.

Ideal for drying clothes, its ultra-quiet sleep mode won’t disrupt your peace. Enhanced portability with 360° caster wheels and a smart filter-cleaning reminder add convenience to its efficient operation.

Key Advantages

  • Covers 4500 sq. ft. for large room effectiveness.
  • 30L/day for rapid moisture removal.
  • 4L tank, drainage hose, and full tank alert.
  • Four modes and three fan speeds.
  • Shows relative humidity for easy monitoring.
  • Ultra-quiet operation for undisturbed sleep and work.
  • 24-hour timer for convenient operation.
  • 360° caster wheels and side handles for easy movement.

4. Pro Breeze 12L/Day Dehumidifier

Another great Pro Breeze dehumidifier on our list is the 12L/Day model, showcasing impressive efficiency. With the ability to extract up to 12 litres of water per day through its ultra-efficient compressor, this unit is equipped with a 24-hour timer and an energy-saving auto shut-off system.

Perfect for tackling damp, mould, and condensation in various settings, it operates quietly at less than 38dB. The automatic humidity sensor and digital LED display panel provide precise control, allowing you to set your desired room humidity between 30-80%.

Featuring a large 2-litre water tank, a removable hose for continuous drainage, and enhanced portability with 4 wheels, it’s a standout solution for moisture-related concerns.

Key Advantages

  • Perfect for medium to large rooms.
  • Extracts approx. 12L per 24 hours at 30°C and 80% room humidity.
  • Large 2L capacity water tank.
  • 24-hour auto-on and auto-off timer.
  • Auto, Continuous, and Sleep modes.
  • Automatic humidity targeting.
  • Continuous drainage feature.

5. Hangsun 12L Dehumidifier Ideal for Large Room

The Hangsun DL12 Dehumidifier, designed for large rooms up to 15m², efficiently extracts 12L of moisture daily, maintaining humidity levels from 30% to 80%.

Its intelligent sensor and LED panel indicate current humidity, with coloured lights for quick visual cues. Operating in three modes, including a discreet sleep mode, it caters to diverse needs.

The 2L water tank, with a full indicator, or the continuous drainage option, ensures hassle-free use. With a 24-hour timer, easy-to-clean filter, and user-friendly features like 360° rotatable wheels and a child lock.

Key Advantages

  • 12L daily moisture extraction.
  • Adjustable humidity range (30%-80%).
  • Intelligent humidity sensor with LED indicator lights.
  • Three operating modes: Auto, Continuous, Sleep.
  • Low noise level (<38dB) in Sleep mode.
  • Two fan speeds for flexibility.
  • Continuous drainage feature.
  • Auto defrost function to prevent freezing.
  • Convenient 2L detachable water tank.

6. Newentor 25L Low Energy Dehumidifier

The Newentor Low Energy Dehumidifier is a powerful solution for medium to large homes, featuring a high-performance compressor from TCL x Newentor that ensures efficient moisture removal while minimizing energy consumption.

With a dehumidification capacity of 25L/24h and coverage for areas up to 80m²/215m³, it offers effective relief from excess humidity. Boasting a remarkable 10-year warranty, this dehumidifier operates at an ultra-low 300W power draw, significantly reducing energy costs.

The intuitive control panel allows easy operation, and the smart humidity sensor optimizes energy usage. With convenient features like a 3.5L water tank, 24-hour timer, and child lock, it provides hassle-free, user-friendly operation.

Key Advantages

  • Energy-efficient 300W operation.
  • High-capacity 25L/24h moisture removal.
  • Wide coverage for 80m²/215m³ areas.
  • Ultra-low 4p hourly electricity cost.
  • Intuitive one-touch control panel.
  • 3.5L auto-shutoff see-through water tank.
  • Motorized humidity sensor with custom settings.
  • 24-hour timer, child lock, and continuous drainage.

The Significance of Continuous Drainage Systems

Continuous drainage systems prove to be a transformative feature for large-room dehumidifiers. These systems offer notable advantages in maintaining optimal humidity levels with enhanced convenience.

Unlike traditional dehumidifiers that require manual emptying of the water tank, units with continuous drainage options efficiently divert collected moisture directly into a drainage system.

This not only eliminates the need for constant attention but also ensures uninterrupted operation, a crucial aspect in larger spaces where consistent humidity control is paramount.

The convenience and efficiency of continuous drainage make it a significant consideration for those seeking an effective dehumidification solution for expansive indoor environments.

Tips for Maximising Dehumidifier Performance in Large Rooms

When dealing with dehumidifiers in large rooms, a few strategic tips can significantly enhance their performance:

Proper Placement

Strategically place the dehumidifier in a central location within the room to ensure optimal air circulation. This helps the unit extract moisture more effectively from the entire space.

Regular Maintenance

Keep the dehumidifier well-maintained by cleaning the air filter regularly. A clean filter allows for better air intake and enhances the overall performance of the unit.

Monitor Humidity Levels

Regularly check and adjust the humidity settings based on the specific needs of the room. This proactive approach helps maintain an optimal and comfortable environment.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Promote good air circulation by keeping doors and windows open when possible. This aids the dehumidifier in efficiently removing moisture and maintaining balanced humidity levels.

Temperature Awareness

Be mindful of the room temperature. Dehumidifiers generally perform optimally in moderate temperatures, so avoid placing them in extremely cold or hot locations.

Address Potential Sources of Moisture

Identify and address any potential sources of excess moisture, such as leaks or poor insulation. Resolving these issues helps the dehumidifier work more efficiently.

In large indoor spaces, humidity emerges as a critical factor influencing the overall quality of the air. Excessive moisture can give rise to a myriad of issues, including the proliferation of mold and dust mites, leading to unpleasant odours and potential health concerns.

Large rooms, due to their size and often limited ventilation, are particularly susceptible to high humidity levels. This not only affects the comfort of occupants but also poses risks to the structural integrity of buildings.

Investing in a suitable dehumidifier tailored for larger areas becomes imperative, as it acts as a proactive measure in mitigating the impact of humidity on indoor air quality, fostering a healthier and more comfortable living or working environment.

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