7 Best Small Chest Freezers for Garage & Outbuilding: Compact and Energy Efficient

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When it comes to finding the ideal storage solution for your garage, a small chest freezer can be a game-changer. Whether you’re stocking up on groceries in bulk, preserving seasonal produce, or simply need extra space for frozen goods, having the best small chest freezer for your garage can provide convenience and peace of mind.

In this article, we’ll explore the top picks in the market and essential factors to consider before making a purchase.

Key Features to Consider for a Small Chest Freezer for Garage

  • Size: Determine the ideal size based on the available space in your garage and your storage needs.
  • Temperature Range: Ensure the freezer offers a wide temperature range suitable for storing various types of food.
  • Defrosting Mechanism: Choose between manual or automatic defrosting options based on your preference and convenience.
  • Noise Level: Consider the noise level of the freezer, especially if your garage doubles as a workspace or recreational area.
  • Warranty: Check the warranty coverage to safeguard your investment against any potential defects or malfunctions.

Best Small Chest Freezers for Garage & Outbuilding

1. Cookology small chest freezer for garage (99l)

The Cookology Freestanding Chest Freezer offers a spacious 99-litre capacity, perfect for extra frozen storage in outbuildings, garages, or utility rooms. Its freestanding door ensures easy access to your frozen goods. Switch to Refrigeration Mode for cooling drinks or snacks during events.

Operating quietly at 41 decibels, it’s both efficient and practical, with a 4 Star Freezer Rating. Adjustable thermostat and various size options cater to different needs.

Key Advantages

  • Small and compact design.
  • Freestanding door for easy access.
  • Switchable to Refrigeration Mode.
  • Quiet operation at 41 decibels.
  • Efficient with F Freezer Rating.
  • Adjustable thermostat for temperature control.

2. COMFEE Freestanding White Chest Freezer (99L)

With a generous 99L capacity, this chest freezer offers ample space to keep your food items fresh and organized. The innovative D+ Cooling System ensures efficient cooling while being eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Its adaptability allows it to function in temperatures as low as -15 degrees, making it suitable for various environments. The adjustable thermostat and easy-to-clean interior, complete with a wire hanging basket and aluminium lining, make organisation effortless. Plus, the built-in door hinge optimises space without sacrificing storage. 

Key Advantages

  • Energy-efficient D+ Cooling System.
  • Versatile, functions in temperatures down to -15°C.
  • Adjustable thermostat for precise control.
  • Easy-to-clean aluminium interior with drain.
  • Convenient wire hanging basket included.
  • Space-saving built-in door hinge design.

3. SIA best small Chest Freezer (78L)

The SIA CHF100BL Freestanding Compact Freezer is a space-saving marvel. Its slimline design fits seamlessly into any kitchen. With a 4* freezer rating and aluminium interior, it ensures efficient cooling and durability. The defrost drain simplifies maintenance, while 7 temperature settings offer flexibility.

Key Advantages

  • Slimline design fits small spaces perfectly.
  • Robust build with durable aluminium interior.
  • Efficient cooling with 4* freezer rating.
  • Defrost drain for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Seven temperature settings for versatile usage.
  • Easy integration into any kitchen layout.

4. Russell Hobbs Black Freestanding Chest Freezer (99L)

The Russell Hobbs Freezer offers a generous 99L capacity, perfect for storing up to 5 bags of groceries. With an energy-efficient F rating, it helps cut costs and reduce carbon footprint.

Designed for convenience, it’s garage-safe and features a 1.8m power cord. Additional highlights include adjustable thermostat, counter balance lid, and adjustable feet for uneven surfaces. Defrosting is a breeze with the front drain hole. 

Key Advantages

  • Energy-efficient with F rating.
  • Suitable for garage use.
  • Convenient 1.8m power cord.
  • Adjustable thermostat for precise control.
  • Counter balance lid for easy access.
  • Hassle-free defrosting with front drain hole.

5. Freestanding Slimline Black Chest Freezer (51l)

Compact and efficient, the SIA Compact Freezer is perfect for small spaces. Its slimline 35.5cm width ensures it fits snugly into tight spots.

Manual defrost guarantees hassle-free maintenance, while 7 temperature settings cater to diverse storage needs. The aluminium interior and defrost drain add durability and convenience.

Key Advantages

  • Compact design for small spaces.
  • Slimline width fits tight spots.
  • Manual defrost for easy maintenance.
  • 7 temperature settings for versatility.
  • Aluminium interior for durability.
  • Defrost drain enhances convenience.

6. CHiQ Freestanding White Chest Freezer (99L)

The CHiQ 99L Freestanding White Chest Freezer is a versatile and efficient addition to any household. Its dual-mode capability allows for seamless conversion between refrigerator and freezer settings, catering to various storage needs.

The 4D Cooling system ensures consistent temperature distribution, keeping food fresh for longer periods. Additionally, the adjustable door angle adds convenience and safety to its user-friendly design. Ideal for outbuildings, garages, and sheds.

Key Advantages

  • Dual-mode functionality for versatile storage.
  • Wide temperature range suits various items.
  • 4D Cooling ensures even temperature distribution.
  • Adjustable door angle for convenience and safety.
  • Frees hands, aids in food access.
  • Suitable for outbuildings, garages, sheds.

7. Abode small chest freezer for garage (99L)

This A+ rated chest freezer from Abode provides generous storage space of 99 litres, perfect for accommodating extra frozen goods. Its compact build, complete with adjustable feet and reversible door, ensures seamless integration into any household.

With manual temperature control ranging from -12 to -26°C, your food stays optimally fresh. Plus, boasting an F energy rating (previously A+), it’s an environmentally conscious option for preserving your groceries efficiently.

Key Advantages

  • ideal for garages & outbuildings.
  • Compact design fits any home.
  • Adjustable feet for flexible placement.
  • Reversible door for versatile installation.
  • Manual temperature control for freshness.
  • Energy-efficient with F rating.

How much energy do small chest freezers consume?

The energy consumption of small chest freezers can vary depending on factors such as size, age, efficiency rating, and usage patterns. However, as a general estimate, small chest freezers typically consume between 100 to 250 kWh (kilowatt-hours) of electricity per year.

Newer models with energy-efficient features such as improved insulation, LED lighting, and energy-saving compressors tend to consume less energy compared to older models. Additionally, the Energy Star rating can be a good indicator of energy efficiency when purchasing a new chest freezer.

Essential Tips for Maximising Energy Efficiency with Your Chest Freezer

  1. Optimal Temperature Settings: Set the freezer to the manufacturer’s recommended temperature, typically around -18°C. Keeping it colder than necessary will consume more energy.

  2. Regular Defrosting: Frost buildup can reduce the efficiency of the freezer. Defrost the chest freezer regularly to ensure it operates at its peak efficiency.

  3. Proper Loading: Arrange items in the freezer with some space between them to allow for proper air circulation. Overloading the freezer can restrict airflow and make it work harder to maintain the set temperature.

  4. Organisation: Keep a well-organised freezer to reduce the time spent searching for items. This minimises the time the freezer door is open, helping to maintain a consistent temperature and save energy.

  5. Avoid Opening Frequently: Each time the freezer door is opened, cold air escapes, and warm air enters, causing the freezer to work harder to maintain the set temperature. 

  6. Location Matters: Place the chest freezer in a cool, well-ventilated area away from heat sources such as direct sunlight, ovens, or heaters. This helps the freezer operate more efficiently as it doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the set temperature.

  7. Regular Maintenance: Keep the freezer coils clean and ensure the compressor is functioning properly through regular maintenance checks. A well-maintained freezer operates more efficiently and consumes less energy.

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