Ideas for Eco-friendly Interior Decorating: What Designers recommend

Eco-friendly Interior Decorating
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Eco-friendly trends are sweeping the world. In particular, it has spread to interior design. Eco-friendliness is now a trend in every developed country, including the UK. Every self-respecting designer should be familiar with eco-friendly interior design.

Suppose you are interested in jobs for interior design intern in Central London and want to develop further in the decoration field. In that case, you should learn the most relevant eco-trends in home design. Also, the tips below will be useful for anyone who wants to decorate a space while preserving the environment and health.

Top 6 ecological interior design tips

Now there are many ways to create a stylish and original interior, by ecological trends. At the same time, the trends concern various spheres – from furnishings to the lighting system in the house. Experts say that introducing ecological trends can improve our health and favourably affect the atmosphere in the house.

If you are environmentally conscious and want to decorate your home with healthy décor but do not know where to start, Jooble experts are always ready to help.

Especially for you, we have collected 6 top tips on intelligently implementing eco-friendly ideas in your interior. At the same time, the presented ways do not require special expenses and serious efforts.

1. Favor recycled furniture

In every room, suitable furniture is the main comfort issue. The best eco-friendly decorating idea is buying recycled furniture. There is nothing wrong with decorating your home with vintage pieces. Old furniture is often made of wood, a completely eco-friendly material that does not harm the environment.

In addition, used furniture will cost less than new furniture. On the network, you can find a huge number of ads for the sale of secondary furniture. Also, the presented solution will add originality to your decor because you can find unique products produced in a single copy in the sale.

2. Handmade home decor

A huge amount of modern production consumes a huge amount of resources. It causes the environment to become polluted quickly, and many people have health problems. If you replace machine-made products with handmade decor items, the quality of life can become much better.

The presented decorative elements have a fairly high cultural value. In addition, they can make the interior more modern and stylish. If you want to make your home as environmentally friendly as possible, use handmade items for decoration.

You can buy them in a specialised store of antique products for the home, in a virtual store or even make it yourself, using appropriate ecological materials (wood, dried flowers, ropes and others).

3. Add more plants to your home

One of the most popular eco-friendly home decor ideas is using live plants. Everyone knows very well that flowers are quite valuable to the environment. The main advantage of plants is that they can remove toxins and carbon dioxide from the room, improving air quality. In addition, with the help of plants, you can feel at one with nature and improve the household’s overall health.

In addition, plants will be appropriate even in a small room. Also, they can be placed in almost any room – in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Houseplants perfectly revitalise the interior.

If you have free space in the house, it is best to give it under living flowers. As for the choice of specific plants for the house, it is best to prefer money tree, dracaena, aglaonema, anthurium, and chlorophyll – they best purify the air in the room and favourably affect human health.

4. Safe and eco-friendly pigments

To make your home as eco-friendly as possible, it’s worth using safe wall decorating paints. It is best to decorate your home with warm and fresh shades. The problem with conventional paints is that their composition implies the presence of volatile carcinogenic organic compounds that threaten human health.

If you’re going to repaint your walls, it’s best to use safe, eco-friendly pigments that will benefit your interior and your health.

5. Eco-friendly lighting system

For the interior to have a stylish and aesthetic appearance, it is worth taking care of proper lighting. LED light sources are now hugely popular, but their main disadvantage is that light from the blue spectrum can cause eye problems in redness, irritation and others.

At the same time, you can use a more eco-friendly alternative – dimmer to adjust the lighting intensity, lamps and fixtures made of recycled material. It would help to use bamboo garlands and pendant lights to add elegance to the interior. It is also worth remembering to conserve energy.

6. Flooring and roofing your home with safe materials

To make your home as environmentally friendly and safe as possible, you should take care of the right choice of material for roofing and flooring. Modern building materials for floor and roof finishing are produced based on aggressive chemicals that can harm the environment.

That is why it is worth paying attention to natural options. In this situation, in finishing the floor, it is worth using the following:

  • cork coating;
  • bamboo;
  • glass tiles;
  • linoleum;
  • polished concrete;
  • recycled wood;
  • natural wool carpets.

As for the roof, the best solution in this situation will be wooden roofing, clay tiles, metal roofs, solar panels and so on. It is worth noting that environmentally friendly materials boast high strength and durability.

Also, a wide range of materials allows you to choose the best option for any style and colour scheme of the house’s interior and exterior.


Now, you can find a large number of eco-friendly ideas for home decor and original ways to decorate the interior without making radical decisions. It is worth noting that natural and eco-friendly home decor is always an up-to-date and stylish solution.

Our tips will help you turn your home into a comfortable living space where all aesthetic norms are observed while preserving the environment’s health.

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